Born in Kwa-Makhutha a small township in South of Durban, KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), Real Name Zamani Ngubo who used to listen to RnB and Kwaito Music till he was introduces to house music at young ages by listening one of the best South African radio stations Metro FM which, it introduced him to “this drum musical sounds” which he fell involve with and started to records the dance shows which at that time was via cassette tapes. After being introduced to these sounds there came the Africanism sounds and compilations by the Late Khabzela and also Dj Fresh (with compilations Fresh one to Fresh four being the highlight) which educated him more about dance music. As years went on with this madness later found that his friends were also going through the same madness as he is. He and Dj Ntokzin (Ntokozo Mkhize) who is Lection Durgro’s older brother together continued to follow the music.

Knowing about the Dj’s and being introduced to sounds now of Rocco pushed Rocalex, Ntokzin and Lection from just house heads into a new desire to be a dj. in 2007 where Ntokzin was able to get a set of turntables and the madness got bigger with daily practice, after a while practicing it was then time to get out and spin for the public where he joined any gig that he was able to join in the township going at it for no charges. Building a name for themselves they went into trying their own small gigs and house parties, they were at the time being driven by mixes they listened to of Lars Behrenroth , Dj Ntukza (who sold them records at a record shop) and events the had seen on youtube of defected and the Ibiza, Miami scenes. As they had wished to start their own events company before, in 2008 Lection Durgro approached him they start with it already. The company was registered by 2010 using the name Dursoul Music.

2011 Rocalex and Lection formed a group which is called COdE12 which was came to as they had seen that whenever they played together they connected and made their floors wild. Rocalex is todays one of the respected Deep House Dj’s in the City of Durban. inspired by dj’s such as Dj Christos, Karizma with love of sounds of Atjazz, Charles Webster, Jimpster , Mr V and many more.

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