DJ / Producer


Sibonile ‘Soulpunk’ Mahlaba comes from a very humble and musical background. As a young boy Soulpunk used to listen to his Grandfather play the Guitar .At the age of 13 he started piano lessons and in no time he was playing at church . He later neglected his piano and keyboard lesson at the teenage stages and started collecting house music cassettes(Fresh house Flava,Mekonko,Simunye Grooves,Church Grooves,Cafe Del Mar ,Mid Tempo etc) which he recieved from his cousin ‘Sanele’ and ‘Neo’ without fully understanding the implications of piracy.The love for music in Soulpunk grew and he stareted attracting people who would teach him the nitty gritty’s of music and sound .At this stage of Soulpunk knew deeply that he had found his purpose in life and there he met Seluleko ‘Se’ who introduced him to the world of Djing,the nightlife
and his ‘Dj teacher’ sannino. Because Soulpunk had and still has the passion for music ,he started being noticed and getting gigs around his hometown(underground scene) and he later discovered his talent for programming house beats when he went to college to complete his Sound Engineering Diploma.
At college he met with Lection Durgro and it was the Beginning of the End.